How To Please Your Clients

In any business that you think of either runs on the basis of profit or in the aim of earning something out for charity but whatever their objective is, their ultimate objective is to get something by creating a good or through the provision of services. In both of these situations, the business would try to get some sort of a return by the course of their business as they intend to either re-invest them in the business or to use these generated funds into doing something different for the benefit of another party. Let’s keep the business context aside for a while and think of a normal day to day scenario of how people expect things by working together.  Even when you connect with a person in the form of friendship, it’s a promise made on the basis of give and take although people say they don’t expect anything in return.


Similarly if you look at a business dealing with different clients, you try your best to give them the most quality goods and services at great prices giving them value for their money.  Sometimes customers do not really expect more than the service but since the business world has become so competitive, day by day they try to add in services that could make their clients delighted. Such as; add on discounts, gift packs, annual prizes and even business gifts ideasIn order to do this, the first thing to know is who are those clients that are of top importance to you and you can scale those customers in terms of the revenue flow generated out of them into your company.


Some partnerships seem to be quite important to you as they carry 40% to 50% of your inflows and you definitely don’t want to see them walking away to another partner. First identify such clients and see the personality, gender and what could be of value to them. Rather than simply sending company name labelled pens, tablets or bags you could dig a bit more into what they like when preparing business gifts for them. If the client is a business woman then you can send them vouchers off online stores that enable them customize their accessories or office outfits and most of them love to have things that are more personalized.


Different client has different interest areas, some could be more into voluntary work, pet lovers, nature lovers or even passionate about a healthy life style. Depending on what they prefer you can offer them something that could feel like you’ve put thought into the gift box as a company working close to them. This is how you can not only satisfy your customers but make them delighted and loyal towards your company.



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