If The Pictures Speak Louder Than Voice

There is a famous idiom that a picture speaks louder than the worlds. Yes! Voice you only hear, but pictures portray images, when it is visual it is much louder than a voice. It remains on our minds for a prolonged time.

The animation world:

Animation is a process of making illusion of motion and illusion of change by swift movement of multiple images which slightly differ from each other; usually 24, 25, 30 or 60 slides per second. This is another technology in the digital world that is mainly used for advertising, education and training and entertainment. Lately animation is created through computer applications whereby images are scanned into the computer and manipulated.

Animation technology classifications:

  • 2D drawn animation
  • 2D computer animation
  • 3D computer animation
  • Stop motion / stop frame animation

Lately, many studios are involved in animation. Some studios are well known for their post production in Hong Kong. Their focus is mainly on enhancing or enriching the visual experience of every master piece using dramatic film effects and 3D computer graphics.  A well reputed studio dealing with animations will always ensure to offer the best services to its customers. Their graphics are of best quality and no doubt will create a long lasting impression. This is so evident in children and their video games; graphics and animation plays a big role in their entertainment world.

Animations for corporate world:

Corporate world’s gain or profitability majorly depends on advertisement. Real videos are a great way to promote a product, however its potentials are limited. For example live videos need to be shot most of the time once with a lot of planning and organization. However, in animation there is not much ground work and it can give a taste of imaginations beyond you can think. For example flying on an unicorn in real video can be extremely challenging whereas for animation it is always easy.

Therefore, corporate video has become an option with more flexibility, more imaginary and cost effective. A combination of current technology and commitment and passion towards the job, professionals are capable of creating high brand images in the corporate word through animations.

Pioneers of this field know exactly how to nail your exact requirement. Their friendly representative are always at your service. For all your corporate requirements and if you need any fine tuning done for your production, meet the professionals soon and they will be able to guide you with their expert advice. In the fast moving technological world lets’ try and get jobs done as quickly as possible towards a successful outcome and “Animation” is no doubt one of such technologies you can count on for a successful venture.

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